Coffee Filter Wreath

coffee-filter-wreath-, peppermint, ornaments, red, blue.

Coffee Filter Wreath with Peppermints and Ornaments

Coffee filter wreaths have been around for awhile but they are still so beautiful and SO inexpensive! This wreath took me a few hours to do. I dyed the filters in Aquamarine Rit Dye.

Blue is such a versatile color for Christmas. It goes great with red, white, silver, green, orange and probably most other colors you would like to use. This wreath was made for a kids party and so the candy bulbs were added. It adds so much color and fun! You can leave them plain and hang them on a ribbon or add your own raiments for your particular theme.

The cost was $3.69 for the 12” styrofoam base and about $5 for the filters. The Rit Dye was around $2. There are several Youtube how to’s for making these wreaths so you can be a pro in no time… and they are perfect if you have a few windows that you want to decorate affordably…

Happy Holidays!


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