Making Holiday Traditions Meaningful

How Can You Make Traditions Your Family Will Love

Christmas traditions are for personal family enjoyment. It’s a way to bring your family closer together by sharing experiences. Our family has had the tradition of going to ‘A Christmas Carol’ for the past 20 years.

a-christmas-carol, scrooge, play, Charles Dickens', black top hat.

Charles Dickens’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL

The same play at the same little theater in our hometown. It would not be Christmas without seeing that play. It brings us all together to eat and play Christmas Carol trivia before we go. We look forward to it each year.

Another tradition that I have done for the past 8 years is buying or making a Christmas ornament for each of my children. They are all the same so that each of their trees can share in having this link to each other.

sequin-santa-boots, handmade Christmas ornaments.

Handmade Sequin Santa Boots

I try to make the ornaments relevant to what has been happening that year. Now that I have grandchildren I am starting this year to include them  in the collection. Then when they are older I will give them their box of ornaments to begin decorating their own trees.

Another tradition that our family has always enjoyed is setting up a Christmas puzzle to work on during the holidays.

christmas-scene-puzzle, horse drawn sleigh, christmas tree with lights.

Christmas Scene Puzzle a family favorite

It stays out on a table so anyone can work on it when they want. When one person is sitting at the puzzle it always seems to attract other family members and friends. There have been many wonderful conversations while putting a puzzle together. The Christmas puzzles can be very beautiful when finished and hard to take apart sometimes! But there is always next year!

This year I am planning a party for Christmas Eve because we have moved out of state. It will be a new tradition. We will eat and play some party games that include children. We will have a white elephant gift giving.  We are going to decorate a mug then draw names to see who to exchange mugs with!

plain white mugs, sharpie pens, christmas mug.

Decorate Plain White Mugs for Christmas

You can buy $1 mugs at the Dollar store and pens from the craft store that are waterproof!  It will be a way of reminding us of that person throughout the year!

Another tradition we have is on New Years Day we play Bingo.

christmas-bingo, family christmas game.

Christmas Bingo is great family fun

Everyone brings 3 wrapped gifts that have a theme and can not cost anything. This is where it gets really fun to see how imaginative people can get! We will have a buffet that everyone will participate in contributing to and we will begin a New Year as family and friends!

I’m looking forward to having my family together for the holidays. They mean the world to me and being with them is worth taking time for traditions!

We hope you are enjoying your traditions. We would love to hear some of your favorites.

Have the Merriest Christmas and the Happiest New Year!




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