Valentine School Party Ideas

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Are you in charge of your child’s class Valentine Party or having a party of your own for your kids?  Finding games and snacks to make the party a big hit is stressful.  We are here to help.  We have done the searching for you.  Relax and have fun!




Here are some games to start:

Heart Hop

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Balloon games are great fun

Have a couple of balloons filled with air, if you can find heart shaped ones it would be even better. Have the children divide into teams. The object of this game is to put the balloon in between your knees and make it across the room and back without dropping or popping it. Once they make it back to their team they have to tag the next person and it’s their turn. The first team to have everyone complete the heart hop, wins. This makes for good exercise and fun.


Pin the Heart on Cupid

You will need to print out a large image of Cupid or draw one to hang on the wall. Make sure to leave a blank heart on his chest. Cut out a heart for each child participating, felt works well for this and is cheap and easy to work with. Put a piece of double sided tape on the back of each heart. You will need a piece of cloth to tie over the eyes or a blindfold. Have the children step u one by one and spin them in a circle and let them try to pin the heart on cupid. The closest to his heart wins.

Leaning towers

Have children build tall towers using conversation hearts. They can race against the clock, and the child with the highest tower (that hasn’t toppled over) when the time is up wins. Kids will want to play this again and again.

Under sweet wraps

Bring several pairs of mittens and some wrapped candy for this dexterity race. Divide the kids into two or three teams and have each team sit in a row. Add wrapped candies to bowls, enough so each player on the team gets a candy. The first person on each team puts on a pair of mittens, and takes a piece of candy out of the bowl to unwrap. After he’s unwrapped the candy, he then hands the next kid in line the bowl and the mittens. The first team that unwraps the entire bowlful of candy wins. Here are some candy ideas: Hershey’s Kisses, peppermints or cinnamon disks, or fun-size candy bars.


Party Favors


Robot Snack

This robot snack is great.  Raisin box feet, juice box body and applesauce head.  For arms you could use fruit rollups or twizzlers.  A health alternative to candy treats.



Valentine M & M Butterflies


Here is a cute ideas for a snack.  The kids could make them as an activity or you can make ahead to hand out at the party.


“You’re my main squeeze” 

Tag attached to a squeeze pouch snack. Maybe you could use Go-Gurts or Capri Suns too? Another cute idea from Blissfully Domestic.



Love Bug Fruit Cups 


These Love Bug Fruit Cups were easy to make and came out so cute.  The supplies that you need are:

Dole Pineapple in Sugar Free Strawberry Gel Fruit Cups

Sparkle Pipe Cleaners

1.3″ Pom Poms for ends of Pipe Cleaners

1/2″ Pom Poms for nose

Assorted colors and size of Googley Eyes

 Pink Foam Sheet for heart shaped feet

Hot glue sticks & Gun

For step by step instructions go to:



Party City has some great Valentine decorations check them out!

Say Cheese!  It’s a Valentine-tastic photo booth

Let your little cupcakes burn off some sugar by posing sweetly in front of a wall of heart balloons – then share the pics with the class parents or make a class poster. You’ll need about a dozen balloons to create a nice background. The kids’ silly poses will melt hearts, especially when you give everyone themed props to wear, like lovey-dovey sunglasses and too-cute necklaces!



Valentines Day Photo Booth Props from Amazon.

Here are some great photo booth props.  A photo booth will be a great memory for kids and parents.



Here is a fun twist on the idea of Air Mail!

Teachers or parent helpers can make all the kids feel special with a balloon valentine attached to their seat.  Just tie helium-inflated conversation-heart balloons to each child’s chair or use a balloon weight.



Amazon has a lot of great decorations for your Valentine party.

Amscan Blushing Valentine’s Day Paper Party Decorating Kit.



Amscan Blushing Valentine’s Day 3D Heart Hanging Foil Party Decoration


  Have a great party!!


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