Little Girl’s First Birthday Party

Antique high chair painted white

Antique high chair painted white

When planning our granddaughter’s first birthday party my daughter-in-law wanted it to be very special.  It was their first child and they were very excited to celebrate this milestone.

We had bought an antique high chair at a cute store in Kimmswick, MO before our granddaughter was born.  Our son painted the high chair white for this special occasion and it turned out very pretty.

First year of life photo banner

First year of life photo banner

A sign was hung behind the high chair for the party that said “Evelyn Turns One” along with some pretty pink paper flowers on the wall.  The tables were covered in dark and light pink table covers.  On the gift table there was a strand of photos of Evelyn from birth to 1 Year Old.  Pretty pink balloons were put on the tables.  

sign-2, blackboard, sign, birthday, 1st birthday, party.

A Chalkboard sign shows all of Evelyn’s favorites.

For a fun decoration there was a blackboard with Evelyn’s age, size, weight, and favorite things posted on them.  It will be great to look back in a few years to see how much Evelyn has changed.

For food our daughter-in-law did something different.  There were two kinds of chili, white chili and regular chili with cheese and sour cream for toppings.  The meal included some great cornbread, hot dogs and Doritos.  Everyone enjoyed the food filling bowls of chili and some made nachos with the chips, and chili dogs.

Evelyn had her very own smash cake, but she very daintily picked off the flower icing and not really wanting to smash the cake.  For the guests they had cup cakes and chocolate chip cookies.

Happy 1st Birthday Evelyn Grace !



A great time was had by all and this was a very cute and fun 1st Birthday Party.



Happy 1st Birthday Evelyn Grace!


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