Fresh Wreaths for the Holidays

fresh-wreaths-orange-and-berries, chilis, cinnamon, bay leaves. wreath, holiday, fall.

Fresh Wreath embellished with berries, oranges, cinnamon and chilis.

 There is nothing more beautiful than a fresh wreath for the holidays. There are fresh evergreen wreaths that you can embellish with dried oranges, pepper berries, chilis, seeds of all sorts, cinnamon sticks or juniper berries. Or you can try a fresh Bay Wreath with nothing added but a ribbon. They are elegant and simple. Fresh wreaths can have added impact with eucalyptus and pinecones. There is such a variety of both eucalyptus and pinecones that you could change the look of the wreath just by the way your arrange them.

Sage might be right outside your window! If it is, you’re one of the lucky ones. If not find a friend that does! These wreaths are easy to make and the smell is heavenly!
The really great thing about all of these wreaths is that they will keep longer when they are hanging outside in cooler weather. They will look great for the few weeks they are up and then…say goodbye until next year!
One last thing…Costco carries fresh evergreen wreaths for under $30. They make terrific bases to add all the extras you want! They also carry fresh evergreen garlands that you can embellish to match your wreath. Be creative and enjoy the season!
bay-wreath, ribbon, bay leaves, holiday, fall.

Bay Wreath

evergreen-berry-wreath, flowers, holiday, fall.

Evergreen Berry Wreath

sage-wreaths, ribbons, berries.

Sage Wreath

eucalyptus-wreath, ribbons, flowers.

Eucalyptus Wreath




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